Talking about the Rangers, unless I decide to talk about something else

OT wins are just the best. The tension is palpable, the energy of the fans and players peaks, and the emotional release after an OT goal is amongst the most satisfying feelings a fan can get.

Getting 2 points tonight was necessary; the Penguins are close to catching up to the Rangers for the division lead and they’re about to get Mr. Crosby back in the lineup. Beating their neighbor and rival in a game where the bounces weren’t going there way will go a long way towards ending this slump.

Consider how they got this win: Hank was sub-par, a lot of unlucky bounces, and the Isles capitalized on their chances. But the big guys produced when it mattered, and up and down the lineup guys just did their jobs perfectly. Broadway Brad Richards had 2 quality goals and set up the winning goal, scored by Gaborik on a snipe that made my pants start to fit funny. Brian Boyle scored on a tip and screened Nabakov on a Richards goal.

Gaborik,What a snipe. Just  keep doing what you do. Gabby was doing Gabby stuff and it worked. [youtube=

If Richards starts to produce at a high levels then the team can really get going for the playoffs. If the team starts to play smart defense again and the forwards start putting the puck in the net, we’ll be ready for playoff hockey. Really, I just want the playoffs to be here now.

It’s time for a winning streak, and what better time than now?


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