Talking about the Rangers, unless I decide to talk about something else

About Me and the Blog

Hi all,

My name’s Jack, and I’ll be running this blog. I look like this, except way more cut:

I’m a die-hard Rangers fan (I suppose that information is redundant). For the most part, I’ll be running quick opinion pieces about the team, some analysis, and the occasional news story that isn’t boring. I’m a season ticket holder, so sometimes I’ll just throw up random observations that seem to be unique to watching the team live and don’t get noticed on TV. Hopefully.

I’ll try to stay on topic as much as possible, but be aware that there’s a 0% chance I don’t make the occasional self-indulgent detour to talk about something wholly unrelated to the Blueshirts. Because I’m selfish, you see.

ANYWAY, I’ll try to update a few times a week. If you agree with something I write, or disagree, comment away. I’d love to start some discussion with some posts. If you’re totally apathetic about something I write, then you’re probably a jerk. Probably.

Hope you guys enjoy, and, as always, let’s go Rangers.


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