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Holy F**k: the Top Line Tonight

It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen the Rangers have a line just dominate a game like the Richards-Gaborik-Hagelin combo did tonight. Obviously there have been more impressive individual displays from players, i.e. Jagr and Gaborik each too many times to count, but the top line tonight was just 2 steps ahead of the Canes for the entire 60 minutes.

They combined for 15 shots; the Rangers had 29. They had all 4 of the Rangers goals, and have had combined to score 7 of the team’s last 8 goals. Every time they had possession of the puck, they looked terrifying and the Canes looked like they just could not keep up. These stats do not count the post Gaborik hit, the near miss Gaborik had that Zucc accidentally deflected, and Richards putting one just over the crossbar. In summation: they were really, really good.



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