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Dustin Brown to the Rangers? UPDATE


Well that escalated quickly. Rick Nash was the hottest girl at the bar like 2 nights ago, then all of a sudden Jeff Carter got moved and Dustin Brown became available. Now, no one wants to talk to Rick because they don’t think it’s worth the time or the investment.

This makes a lot of sense to me, actually. Most of the teams in these trade discussions are contenders, and of course they’re afraid to part with so many assets in the middle of a season. If Nash gets moved, I see it happening in the off-season.

Dustin Brown is a more attractive option for a few reasons. 1st, his cap hit is about $3.2 million for the next 2 full seasons. 2nd, he would cost way less to acquire (allegedly, the Kings would want a NHL ready blueliner and a 1st round pick. 3rd, he’s been a captain for a few years and would be a welcome addition to any locker room.

He’s an attractive option for the Rangers because it would give them another proven 25+ goal scorer who plays physically and kills penalties. Plus, he has previous experience with playing under Tortorella (2010 Olympics) and his style would most likely fit right in with the Rangers’ system.



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