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Jesus Christ, you guys. MSG almost fell over.

Every dollar the Rangers have spent and will spend on paying Brad Richards is worth it. Unbelievable. He looked happier than anyone I’ve ever seen after he put that in. The guy has made so many unbelievable plays his whole career, he has a cup, he has a Conn Smythe, and he was elated. Worth every penny, unless he gives Lundqvist AIDS and clips McDonagh’s Achilles heels with scissors sometime this week.

This was one of the most legendary games in franchise history. I’m not one to be earnest about anything, but I’m honestly really happy I got to be there. It was unbelievable. I’m going to watch these clips on YouTube for another 2 hours.

Good for Marc Staal. He’s one of the poster boys for this new era of the Rangers, and you know he was in heaven after that.

Game 6 in Washington on Wednesday night.

MAGIC NUMBER: 9 wins to go.


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