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Expectations for Game 6 vs. the Caps

This is going to seem like a strange sentiment coming from a dude who started a blog about the Rangers and has season tickets, but I don’t usually get too emotionally involved with sports teams (I have exes who would say this quality is not limited to sports, but that’s neither here nor there). Typically, I approach teams with a sentiment that they don’t know who I am and most certainly don’t care about me, so getting too invested isn’t worth it and 99.999% of the time will end in disappointment. Also, because I’m dead inside.

For a number of reasons, I feel differently about this Rangers team. In part, it’s because I’ve never seen a team work this hard and put themselves repeatedly in harm’s way to win. It may have something to do with seeing how close the guys in the locker room are, and how close we fans were allowed to get during the 4 episodes of “24/7.” The fact that I, along with all the other fans, care so much about this team is why Game 5 was so unbelievable to be a part of. MSG had the most deliriously happy atmosphere I’ve ever been a part of at the end of Game 5, and I’ll never forget it.

After the triple-OT Game 3 win, the Rangers had a major let down in Game 4. They didn’t show up for the 1st period and couldn’t catch up with the Caps after the slow start. So after one of the 5 greatest moments in team history 2 nights ago, do the Rangers have another shitty start and further contribute to my developing ulcer in a Game 7?



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