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Important: Stop Yelling Shoot

There are some things everyone knows about New Yorkers. They’re energetic. They’ll have an opinion and voice it with no hesitation. They won’t back down from a little conflict.

The crowds at Rangers’ games are often a cool microcosm of the characteristics that give this city its personality. But that personality can immediately transform from fun to infuriating when people either A) are idiots, B) aren’t idiots but have no idea what they’re talking about but still feel the need to loudly express an opinion, or, worst of all, C) when they’re both of those things.

I would be lying if I said I knew why I used this picture.

You’ll run into this all over New York. For some reason a lot of people have decided that “having a lot of personality” is the most important trait to have. I would argue that if your personality is terrible then having a lot of it is not a good thing, and I would imagine that bringing up that theory would probably lead to someone saying “COME AT ME BRO” or calling me a pussy.

Rangers’ fans who yell “SHOOT!” at players are exactly that. Hundreds or even thousands of people join together to scream shoot because it seems like the thing to do, but I guarantee you most of them couldn’t tell you why they’re doing it. It starts with a few people yelling and then it slowly spreads out like a ripples on a retarded pond, because a lot of people don’t know what they’re talking about but feel like they need to be talking.

When you go out to a party and you see a person you’re attracted to, it’s entirely natural to have the desire to strike up a conversation and hope that you end up getting a date or going home with that person. But I think we can all agree that it isn’t a good idea to start yelling at that person from across the room “HEY YOU IN THE RED DRESS LET’S BANG!!!” because it won’t achieve anything and will make you sound like a caveman. Yelling “SHOOT” is the hockey version of this because there is less implied rape.



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